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How do sprinklers operate?

Fire sprinklers are individually heat-activated and connected to a network of water pipes. When the heat from a fire raises the sprinkler to its operating temperature (usually 68 deg C or 155 deg F), only that sprinkler activates delivering water directly to the source of the heat.

Can sprinklers discharge accidentally?

Loss records of Factory Mutual Research indicate that the probability of a standard response spray sprinkler discharging accidentally due to a manufacturing defect is only 1 in 16,000,000 sprinklers per year in service.

Won't they all go off together?

No! Each sprinkler reacts individually to a fire so only the sprinkler nearest the fire will open. If that is not sufficient to control the fire then the next nearest will open, and so on. In over 95% of cases only one sprinkler operates and this is enough to control or extinguish the fire.

Can I install them myself?

No. Only qualified and experienced contractors, like Midwest Sprinkler Corporation, should install fire sprinklers. We will know how to design and install the system in compliance with national standards, codes and insurance company requirements.

Why are fire sprinklers so effective?

Sprinklers operate automatically in the area of fire origin, preventing a fire from growing undetected to a dangerous size, while simultaneously sounding an alarm. Automatic fire sprinklers keep fires small. The majority of fires in sprinklered buildings are handled by one or two sprinklers.